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Chief Partner of Fangben appointed as an arbitrator of SHIAC


civil and commercial affairs, contract law, finance, capital market, property law, private international law...

The Chief Partner of Fangben Attended the CIETAC Training Conference and Obtained His Qualification Certificate as a CIETAC Arbitrator


CIETAC was rated as one of the five most popular arbitration institutions in the world...

Fangben Professional Sharing and Exchange Workshop 05: Select Layer of NEEQ


On June 17, 2021, Fangben and her colleagues from five offices jointly held an exchange workshop concerning the topic of "Legal Practice Analysis of the Select Layer of NEEQ". Mr. Adam Zhang, Mr. Refael Mao and Mr. Daniel Yang addressed "Introduction to the Select Layer of NEEQ" "Relevant Laws, Regulations and Rules" "Standards and Requirements for the Listing of Select Layer of NEEQ" and "Contents of Lawyer Service" to the participants. ...

Fangben Lawyers Attended the Roundtable Meeting of DUSA


On the evening of June 17, 2021, Fangben lawyers attended the DUSA Roundtable meeting held in VYNCKE (Suzhou) Clean Energy Technology Co., Ltd. ...

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