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Boom! 26 Banks in Suzhou are Issuing Policies Together!


Under the guidance of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee and Suzhou Municipal People’s Government and as requested by the Suzhou Regulatory departments, the banking institutions within Suzhou jurisdiction actively take their initiatives to issue targ...

【English Translation of Fangben】Notice on Implementation of Mechanism of “Zero Report” of Fever Screening COVID-19 Pneumonia Prevention and Control


At present, the prevention and control of this city's COVID-19 pneumonia (hereinafter referred to as “COVID-19 pneumonia”) is in the critical period of prevention of external infection and internal prevention of proliferation. In order to further implement the unit and community's responsibility for epidemic prevention and control, and achieve the goal of “early detection, early isolation, early diagnosis, and early treatment” of COVID-19 pneumonia cases, the Municipal COVID-19 Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Office (hereinafter referred to as the Municipal Prevention and...

The State Council decides to reduce and remit the social security fee of enterprises and implement the policy of delaying the payment of housing fund


The State Council Premier Li Keqiang presided over an executive meeting of the State Council on February 18, for the purpose of effectively managing the spring agricultural production while deploying agriculture without delay; It was decided to reduce...

Notice of the Arrangement of Special Trains for Concentrated Personnel Returning to Suzhou


People's governments of all of the cities and districts, Administrative Committee of Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou New District and Taicang Port; and relevant municipal departments and units: In order to orderly proceed the guarantee of work resumpt...

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