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Newsletter re Intellectual Property in China


April 2020 by Fangben IP Team Supreme People's Court of the P.R.C released the 10 Top IP Cases and 50 Model IP Cases;A draft amendment to the Copyright Law would introduce punitive damages;Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances entered into force. ...

Advice for App Compliance: Data Collection


With the deeper popularization of mobile internet economies, a great many traditional market players have transformed themselves into a typical category of network operators, i.e. App operators offering their products or services to the end-users through an application (App). For such a variety of Apps in the market, their runners are facing the growingly enhanced enforcement from the governmental entities, which intends to put into practice the network operators’ legal obligations to protect the user’s individual information or personal data. This article is about the compliance in App’s...

Classified Cybersecurity Protection 2.0


Recently Chinese government has ostensibly made its enforcement strict for cybersecurity’s classified protection. There are many law enforcement cases in the public domain. The so-called Classified Protection 1.0 is made up of a series of provisions and standards, Classified Protection 2.0 may derive from Cybersecurity Law in 2017. Under the background that the state attaches importance to cybersecurity, it for the first time incorporates the concept of “classified protection” into a state-level law in a narrow sense, specifically targeting the object “cybersecurity”. ...

Opinions on the Calculation of “One Salary Payment Cycle” during the Business and Production Suspension Period of Enterprises in Various Regions


On January 24, 2020, the General Office of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of PRC issued the Notice on Properly Handling Labor Relation Issues during the Prevention and Control Period of the Novel Coronavirus-infected Pneumonia Epidemic (Ren She Ting Ming Dian [2020] No.5), and on February 7, 2020,Ministry Of Human Resources And Social Security of PRC and other departments jointly issued Opinions on Stabilizing Labor Relations and Supporting Enterprises to Resume Work during the Prevention and Control Period of NCP (Ren She Bu Fa (2020) No.8) . The two documents both menti...

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