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Fangben's Chief Partner Attended AmCham Shanghai Capstone Conference 2020


The three-day Conference brought together the experts from industries including healthcare, retail, manufacturing, sustainability to discuss and share their insights...

Fangben Lawyer Attended AmCham Shanghai Jiangsu Provincial Government Appreciation Dinner


The Jiangsu Provincial Government Appreciation Dinner is a signature government affairs event for the American business community. Officials of Jiangsu provincial government departments and business enterprises attended the dinner...

Fangben Assisted CCL in Acquiring SEP of Malaysia & more


CCL Announces Closing of Super Enterprises Acquisition...

How to Negotiate in Cross-border IP Cooperation


Thanks to the Opening-up Policy of China, I have been able to practice international business and commercial law and dealt with cross-border commercial projects in China, among which there are many joint ventures as well as other interesting projects, e.g. brand license of an English Premier League football club, an education SaaS cooperation between the US and China, and a commercialization project for an online US psychology masterclass....

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