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As a young law firm, Fangben has won numerous industry awards at home and abroad for his excellent business level, business reputation and generous employee benefits. He has won the 2013 Asia Law Magazine ALB “Most Potential Law Firm”. "China's Top Ten Growth Law Firms", "Best Employers" in China's Lawyers, and "China's Legal Practices" in 2013, "China's Most Promising Law Firm of the Year" and other awards.
Fangben insists on constantly improving the staff training system, focusing on cultivating the professionalism and practical experience of lawyers in their careers, encouraging employees with different educational backgrounds and work experience to achieve personal career development in the firm, sharing the permanent survival and steady development of the client. Long-term benefits.
Fangben is people-oriented, giving full play to the role of each employee in the development of the firm. Every year, he holds recruitment meetings in major universities, recruits new blood as a staff of Fangben, and welcomes students in the school to participate in the internship program.
Job title Work place Salary Release time
1律师 上海 面议$/month 2020-01-13