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Real Estate & Construction
Business introduction

Fangben’s lawyers has provided real estate investors, developers, financial institutions, project owners, construction enterprises and other main participants in the real estate market with a full range of services, covering real estate investment, M&A project, land first-level exploitation, construction, rentals and sales of real estate, property management, bid and tender, settlement of projects and etc. Fangben is also committed to providing the legal services of real estate financing, and providing legal services for all types of financing for commercial, housing and industrial real estate projects. Meanwhile Fangben also renders legal opinions for various levels of governmental authorities regarding dismantling of illegal buildings, demolition and removal projects, construction projects and other specific administrative acts, is involved in relevant research, discussions and communication, and represents governmental authorities for arbitration and litigation.

Business Scope

The construction project of Science and Technology Town in Suzhou New District;
The land transfer project of Suzhou Samsung Electronics LCD Co., Ltd.;
The construction project of Suzhou Taihu Conference Center.