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Basic Information

10 years working experience in intellectual property field, good at European patent layout and approval in the United States, China and China's patent is invalid, good at technology including medicine, chemical, biological technology and machinery, etc., can be directly written application documents in English, including the PCT and the Utility of the United States. In Chinese patent (invention, Utility model and appearance) to apply for approval, to speed up the review process and is invalid, the United States patent (the Utility, Design) apply for approval with a wealth of experience. Service customer types include multinational corporations, universities, SME, hospitals, scientific research institutions and individuals. Of the European patent in the u.s., and nearly 100 domestic about 10 cases of patent is invalid.

Tsinghua university master of biology, has many years experience in the large intellectual property office. A language including Chinese and English.

● Low helped New Zealand's fonterra company CN200580040669.2 against rival filed patents invalid request, safeguard the rights and interests of the customer.
● Low helped Germany a mechanical manufacturing company CN201330283578.9 CN201320373892.0 invalid utility model and appearance patents, all is invalid.
● China utility model patent CN201921627808.7, inherited has been rejected, advises clients for priority reapply after rewriting the application documents, and request a priority review, within three months from the date of filing authorized announcement
● Take a medical equipment company hangzhou after the United States patent US13579918 RCE OA defense, found before the United States patent lawyers in reply Restriction (5 Groups) choose not accurate enough, advising clients to divisional application, the United States patent after a plea for authorizatio