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Guo YuePartner



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Professional field:Litigation, mergers and acquisitions, financing, restructuring and liquidation/bankruptcy

Basic Information

Specialized Area
Litigation, M & A, Financing, Restructuring and Liquidation & Bankruptcy.
Mr. Guo has been focusing on providing extensive and in-depth legal services to large-scale national private, state-owned enterprises and government agencies; recently, he has been highly admitted by providing high value-added legal services in the areas of financing & investment, commercial litigation, restructuring and etc.
Mr. Guo is in charge of Fang Ben Wuxi office.

Working Experience
Shanghai Co-effort (Wuxi) Law Firm,               Lawyers    2015-2017
Wuxi Huishan District Government,                 Cadre      2011-2015
Wuxi Huishan District People's Court,              Judge Assistant, Judge 2005-2011

Educational Background
Nanjing University Law School                       LLM       2008-2011
Nanjing University Law School                       L.L.B        2001-2005

Working Language
Chinese, English