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Hu YanPartner



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Professional field:Familiar with economic crime investigation, investigated various economic (criminal) cases

Basic Information

Education Background

BA in English Language & Literature, Jiangnan University

Professional Experience

16 years as a Criminal Policeman, familiar with litigation process of criminal lawsuits;
12 years as an Investigator in the Economic Crime Investigation Department of Wuxi Municipal Public Security Bureau, specialized in economic crime; handled various types of economic-criminal overlapping cases;
Undertaken numerous critical cases for CCDI*, PCDI*, Ministry of Public Security, Provincial Bureau of Public Security, etc.;
Proficient with laws and regulations in areas including banking, insurance, securities finance, etc.  
Extensive experience in serving companies, organizations and individuals on criminal-civil overlapping cases involving financial investment, loan guarantee, contracts disputes etc.
There has been high proportions of probation and bail among his defences for suspects.
Served as a legal corporate counsel for several companies, he has showed great talent in solving internal and external disputes in a efficient and effective way with his unique criminal thinking

Joined Co-Effort Law Firm LLP in March 2013
Joined Fangben Law Office in August 2017