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Ms. Joanna ZouPartner




Professional field:Ms. Zou specializes in finance, contract, foreign investment, corporate governance, litigation and arbitration and construction.

Basic Information

She mainly provides perennial or special legal services for a wide range of foreign investment companies including Fortune 500 companies. Also, she advises various foreign companies on foreign direct investment in China, including conducting due diligence, participating business negotiation, drafting legal documents, assisting clients solving legal issues and disputes arise in the process of company incorporation and daily management, providing or planning solutions for clients.

She has extensive background in the finance issue.
Prior to forming Fangben, Ms. Zou served many banks and financial institutions as their senior advisor.

Ms. Zou obtained a LL.B. degree from the Law School of Soochow University in 1986,and She has been practicing since 1986 and Ms. Zou has pursued further studies at Cornell University in the United States in 2008. Ms. Zou is fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese.