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Na HuLawyer




Professional field:contract law, intellectual property law, labor and personnel law

Basic Information

Business experience :

In 2012, entered the court system and hosted civil and commercial cases.

In 2017, moved to the lawyer team, mainly dealing with civil and commercial litigation and perennial legal affairs of the company.

Working Language :

Chinese, English

Educational Background:

Graduated from Ocean University of China with a master's degree in 2012.

Lawyer Qualification:

Qualification of practicing lawyer in China

Representing performance
● Dealing with quality dispute contracts for a large logistics equipment company, through excellent legal knowledge reserve and court trial level, the case achieved good demonstration effect.
● Represented a top 500 enterprise in complex labor dispute litigation, and finally won the arbitration and the court fully supported the agent's viewpoint.
● Handling arrears litigation for a large machinery company in Jiangsu Province. Due to the complicated contract types and evidence materials,  finally won the case after many court trials.  
● Providing corporate legal advisory services for several top 500 enterprises.